Wednesday, 4 May 2016

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How to create invoice in QuickBooks

Support for QuickBooks, Customer invoices are known as sales receipts in QuickBooks. While the initial sales receipt setup can be daunting, the process only has to be completed once. After creating a template, you can add items from your pre-configured items list and select a customer from your customer list. Invoices provide your business with a way to track customer payments, give customers detailed feedback and ensure that all sales tax and discounts are clearly outlined. QuickBooks has very strict program guidelines for adding customers. You can't simply type new information into a sales receipt. Each element of the invoice needs to be accounted for by accurately setting up each record. More information get related to QuickBooks visit our website

Read step-by-step instructions
1. Open an Invoice
Go to the Plus Sign menu. Under “Customers,” choose Invoice.

2. Enter the Customer's Name
Enter the name of the customer that you are invoicing.

3. Enter Products or Services
Type in the products or services you provided for this customer.

4. Choose an Income Amount
In the Product or Service Information window, choose the Income Account. This is not a bank account; it is a bookkeeping account.

5. Enter the Price or Charge
Enter the Price or Charge, and Save it.

6. Enter the Terms
Enter the Terms of this invoice. This is how long you give your customer to pay.

7. Enter Customer Email
If you plan to email this invoice to your customer, remember to enter their email address here.

8. Print Preview
If you want to see this invoice the way your customer will see it, click Print or Preview.

9. Printing Invoices
If you’re planning on printing your invoices later, click Print Later in the Print or Preview menu.
10. Save Invoice
You can Save and Send this invoice as soon as you finish it.

11. Printing and Sending Saved Invoices

If you have invoices you saved to Send Later, you can find them by going to the Navigation Bar on the Homepage. Under Transactions, choose Sales.